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Business Intelligence Recruitment

Interviewing for Analytics jobs – Unlocking Success

Have you ever interviewed for that “Ideal Job” only to fall at the first hurdle? Or had an interview and felt that you were a racing certainty only to be turned down for reasons you could not quite understand? Most of us have been interviewed and rejected for a job we wanted...

Data Management Employment Market Review

Data Management, a sector which has grown dramatically over the last decade, albeit from a modest starting position, can now justly claim to be a firmly established profession, increasingly recognised for the vital job it does in applying technical, operational and strategic...

Business Intelligence 2012-2013 Review

The last fiscal year saw a marked increase in spend on business intelligence projects. Dan Sommer, principal analyst at Gartner, says: A prime example of this growth can be seen within consulting  firms’ increase in project revenue from strategies taken through to enterprise...