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Data Management Employment Market Review

Data Management, a sector which has grown dramatically over the last decade, albeit from a modest starting position, can now justly claim to be a firmly established profession, increasingly recognised for the vital job it does in applying technical, operational and strategic knowledge to the challenge of leveraging value from vast amounts of diverse data.

Many organisations woke up to the importance of Data Management a long time ago. Over the past year with the growing challenge of benefiting from Big Data, data strategy is becoming central to more organisations from banks through to retail businesses, from charities through to local and central government.

Data Operations and Management Recruitment

“In the socio-economic climate we’re living in, intelligent use of Data by companies has never been more critical to get right. Improved Customer experience, increased sales and retention are what should result from this – and having the skills to make this happen better within any organisation is vital.” Mark Chipperfield IDM Data Council, FIDM

Several developments have combined to maintain the relevance of the question if what makes a great DM Professional. Within the market for skilled DM professionals, across both end-users organisations and the professional services sector, the past year witnessed a general broadening of employer expectations: through the year there was a steady increase in newly registered jobs requesting skills typically associated with two, three and occasionally more different individuals.

The most common projects among clients canvassed during the year were in Data Quality, marketing technology solutions development and implementing Data Governance models.

registered vacancies chart april 2012 to march 2013

The Percentage of Data Management vacancies registered with Full Circle between April 2012 and March 2013, according to most important skill.


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